Here are some projects I've worked on as a product design leader

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Design Leadership

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Throughout my career, I've focused on empowering emerging talent through a leadership style rooted in agile methodologies and clear communication. By fostering collaboration among product design teams and emphasizing user-centered design principles, I've led projects that are both innovative and responsive to user needs. Come check out a selection of my favorite case studies 👉

Instructional Design & Development

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Creating collaborative educational experiences that inspire and connect with users has been a highlight of my career, from building curriculum based on evolving industry trends to shipping a Learning Management System (LMS) that connects students with faculty in a seamless, interactive environment. Come see my positive impact on education 👉


Kipple Digital

#leadership #webdesign #seo #brandsystems

In early 2021, I launched Kipple Digital. It represented a culmination of my experience in leadership and mentorship and my love for solving complex problems. I built and led agile teams to transform ideas into impactful digital experiences. Come see a selection of our client work 👉

Motion Graphics

#leadership #motiongraphics #animation

Motion graphics will forever be my first love. In this project, you will find a collection of motion graphics work ranging from my demo reel to product videos and character animation 👉

Brand & Design Systems

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Uniting creativity and strategy, this project showcases a variety of projects with a focus on developing comprehensive design systems that articulate a brand's vision and ensure consistency across all user touchpoints 👉




discovery & research

step 1

Understanding more about the problem space, considering potential solutions and learning about the customer.


step 2

Crafting design principles to help guide design decisions, and ensure alignment amongst the team.

user journey

step 3

Diving deep into the user journey and exploring user stories, personas and user decision making.

design exploration

step 4

Understanding more about the problem space, considering potential solutions and learning about the customer.



step 5

Collecting user feedback through concept testing to help validate solutions and identify any opportunities for refinement.

design refinement

step 6

Refining a chosen direction and polishing the design in preparation for engineering handoff. Ensuring rationale is clearly documented.


step 7

Working closely with engineering and product to ensure a successful handoff and QA’ing the implementation.


step 8

The work isn’t done! I monitor the products performance to uncover ideas for improvement.



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